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Epoxy resin

Epoxy resin or resin chocks are an alternative to the traditional method of chocking with cast iron chocks. The primary advantage of using resin for chocking is the time and labor savings compared to older techniques.

Particularly, the previously lengthy process of machining foundation surfaces has been shortened. The engine must be properly positioned with relation to the shafting and with sufficient space for the chock’s compression.

We provide comprehensive solutions for chocking of engine and machinery foundations by providing product, chock design & calculations, and turnkey installation of epoxy resin chocks for mounting, all performed by trained personnel with DNV certificates.

The height and alignment of machinery and equipment have long been adjusted using metal chocks and shims. To complete this usually takes a lot of time and a skilled workforce. The same purpose can be served by epoxy resin chocks. They perform better than metallic chocks while requiring less time or laborers with specialized training to install them.

Industries like lumber, mining, food and beverage, aggregate, and chemical use chocking systems extensively.

Epoxy resins have a remarkable capacity to adapt to any application, which is one of its key advantages. Corrosion protection by epoxy surfaces ensures greater resistance, whether it’s an epoxy floor, neutralization tanks, separator vessels, or pipelines.

In the chemical, pharmaceutical, energy, pulp industry, desulphurization facilities, and water treatment plants, epoxy resins are recommended for good corrosion protection.

Our qualified workers can come to your place to examine your epoxy resin coating needs and suggest the best solution for the task.

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