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Adjustable steel mounting chocks

Self-leveling and height-adjustable SKF Vibracon chocks make attaching rotating machinery to base frames, steel foundations, or plates simple and accurate while avoiding Soft Foot (improper contact between a machine casing and the baseplate used to support it). Rotating equipment has a wide range of applications, from industrial to marine to offshore. These mechanical chocks efficiently adjust for up to four degrees of angular misalignment between the mounting base and the machine foot’s bottom. This removes Soft Foot and enables optimum and cost-effective mounting without costly machining of skid bases and milling blocks, guessing with frequent shims, or the additional effort and curing time associated with epoxy resin chocks.

The SKF Vibracon’s innovative design combines a spherical top plate with a threaded center part that screws into a threaded bottom ring. The top plate’s swiveling motion self-levels the Vibracon, compensating angular variances in mounting surfaces and increasing the contact surface between the foundation, chock, and machine foot. The vertical adjustment mechanism allows for a wide range of adjustments to accommodate the equipment’s choking height. These features make installation painless and straightforward, with little downtime. Soft Foot is successfully eliminated when the self-leveling and height adjustment capabilities are combined.

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