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Workshop Laser Cladding

Laser cladding is a technique for improving the surface characteristics of a variety of materials. Applications for laser cladding include:

Adretec provides both in-house and onsite laser cladding services to increase the service life of new and damaged metal components of machines and mechanical equipment. Damaged pieces are dimensionally repaired and surface qualities are enhanced. The surface qualities of new components are tuned in advance. The applied surface modifications lengthen the service life of the product, lowering costs and increasing uptime.

Our laser cladding procedures are completely automated, guaranteeing precise and consistent weld overlay application. This ensures that the weld is properly distributed and smooth with no gaps or cavities. As a result, the connection is stronger and more constant, allowing it to survive high temperatures and harsh circumstances. Adretec’s laser cladding services are ideal for customers who want accurate, long-lasting protection.

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