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On-site Laser Cladding

All laser cladding processes are completely automated, guaranteeing precise and reproducible weld overlay application.

With the highest-quality laser processing hardware available, our laser cladding services department draws on our significant experience in the coating and welding industries. We give the finest designed laser cladding solution for your wear and corrosion problem with our skilled laser cladding services.

In addition to laser cladding in the shop, we went further and created Laser Cladding equipment which is possible to deliver to any place either by plane or by road. Our on-site Laser Cladding equipment is possible to mount in any place to perform reconditioning of the worn-out surfaces. On-site laser cladding provides faster and cost-efficient repair of expensive equipment or part within a few days without downtime.

Thanks to the robotic arm, reconditioning on site is possible to perform even with complex geometries.

  1. Allows reconditioning of the surface of equipment on site.
  2. Reduces downtime dismounting, logistics and labor costs.


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