Laser Cladding

Our laser cladding service returns parts to as-new condition, protecting from further wear, erosion and corrosion.

Adretec provides both in-house and onsite laser cladding services to increase the service life of new and damaged metal components of machines and mechanical equipment.

Reverse Engineering

Utilizing latest engineering and manufacturing technologies we are able to reproduce missing parts according to OEM specifications or with enhanced properties.

Once both our reconditioning technologies fail to deliver satisfying solution for our Customers we have one last option – reverse engineering. Reproducing missing part according to OEM specification or with enhanced properties is always a perfect fit.

Epoxy coatings

Epoxy based solutions for repair and protection of damaged and worn metallic surfaces

Epoxy coatings work best where regular welding or even laser cladding is not applicable. Compared to conventional welding techniques, cold-curing epoxy systems such as Devcon®, Loctite® and Belzona are more tolerant to base surface material and allow rapid application whilst providing long-term protection with minimal downtime.

About Us

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