Machinery mounting and laser alignment
Machinery mounting and laser alignment

Laser alignment and rigid machinery mounting are critical components of safe and trouble-free operation. Each application requires custom approach to match the unique production environment. We offer our expertise in following:

  1. Laser shaft alignment
  2. Laser bore alignment
  3. Machinery mounting calculations according to Class guidelines
  4. Mounting with cast resin (Loctite® Fixmaster and Chockfast®)
  5. Assembling with adjustable steel chocks (SKF Vibracon® and MecLev®)
  6. Mounting with resilient mounts

We employ high-precision measurement devices and have professionals with extensive expertise in this field.

Vibrations, coupling failures, heating, and mechanical wear are all caused by machine misalignment. The equipment’s performance, service life, and maintenance will all benefit from proper alignment.


Main engine; Auxiliary machinery; Gear Box; Stern Shaft tube; Pintle bush; Freight crane; Winch; Windlass; Bow/Stern propeller; Single point mooring; LNG/LPG Liquid Tank Installation