Modern technology is frequently applied in the wastewater sector. This is especially true now since there are increasing requirements to lengthen service life, boost wear/corrosion resistance, and, of course, lower safety hazards.

We have been working with several companies in the Wastewater industry for many years to help them solve wear problems.

Our services in this sector: 

  • Restoration of the geometry of worn parts by composite materials. 
  • Production of new parts according to the sample or drawing
  • Protect surfaces from further wear.

We offer our repair services both in our workshop and on site. With the exception of workshop work, our repair technicians can offer on-site service worldwide.

Modern multi-axes CNC machines as well as standard machines of various kinds are available at the workshop. The extensive knowledge of our mechanical engineering engineers allows us to provide first-class services while maintaining flexibility in both order quantity and product prototyping. Weared and damaged parts could be restored and the surface improved by our laser cladding technology or by composite materials.

If you have any questions about our services or would like to receive an individual offer, please feel free to contact us! Simply call +372 5668 0787 and we will advise you personally. Or simply write us an e-mail to info@adretec.com.