Due to more than 15 years of expertise in the ship repair industry, Adretec has established itself as a key strategic partner for many shipping companies worldwide. Through the years, we have gained extensive expertise and experience in troubleshooting and the creation of quick and adaptable solutions for any situation. Thus, our clients gain from receiving quick, customized, high-quality solutions to their crucial, unforeseen failures as well as from internally created services that increase the lifespan of their crucial components.

The extensive service offering of Adretec includes everything from engine recovery to auxiliary and deck equipment maintenance and repair. Among the most popular services are: overhauling and reconditioning engines, including the repair of pumps and winches as well as pistons, exhaust valves, and connecting rods.

List of Adretec service spectrum:

  1. Engines – the restoration of engine blocks in places of cavitation, restoration of pistons, turning or grinding seats for bushings, checking engine alignment to the gearbox and generator, restoration and protection against corrosion of seats in cylinder covers under saddles, restoration of a connecting rod pair, restoration of pistons.
  2. Pumps – restoration and protection of pump casings after cavitation, restoration of pump impellers, production of obsolete parts according to an example or drawing, production and/or restoration of pump shafts, restoration of seats for bearings of rotors of electric motors.
  3. Main gearboxes – the restoration of necks for bearings, and the restoration of necks for seals. Repair/boring of gearbox housings for bearings. Checking the alignment of the bearing beds.
  4. Deck mechanisms. Windlasses, winches, capstans. Restoration and/or production of shafts of anchor winches in the original size. Boring of mooring drums, production of bearing bushings, production of worn brake flanges on drums.
  5. Laser cladding and machining of large-sized mechanisms on site, without dismantling the mechanism. When performing this work, our equipment is delivered to the site and the restoration of the broken geometry is performed directly on-site, after which the groove is performed on-site to achieve the required size.

Modern multi-axes CNC machines as well as ordinary machines of various sorts are available at the workshop. Other welding methods are also utilized. A modern, fully equipped workshop ensures quality throughout the process.

Along with performing work in the workshop, our repair specialists are available around-the-clock to offer services anywhere in the world.

If you have any questions about our services or would like to receive an individual offer, please feel free to contact us! Simply call +372 5668 0787 and we will advise you personally. Or simply write us an e-mail to