On-site machining
On-site machining

Adretec provides on-site machining, turning-machining, grinding, repair and machining of equipment using mobile milling machines.

  • Adapted to all engine manufacturers and/or machines – Individual tools on site
  • Adretec mobile machines help reduce downtime for engines and other heavy equipment.
  • Equipment specialists on site with extensive experience

Mobile machining can be used on-site to machine mechanical components and seal surfaces to workshop tolerances. The customer does not need to remove and transfer mechanical units for preventive maintenance, as we come to them on-site with all the necessary equipment. As a result, production starts and stops faster.

Nationally and globally, we have the equipment ready to take on this challenge. To ensure quality and safety, all work is carried out by qualified specialists.

Contact us and provide us with more details. And we will prepare an offer for you.