Laser Alignment
Laser Alignment

Coupled shafts must have concentric centre points for trouble-free operation. If this is not done, vibration, bearing and coupling failure, and mechanical wear on parts will all occur. Due to laser alignment technology and our competent and experienced people, clients can expect good work. Magnetic bases, dial indications, and shaft sag have all but vanished, replaced by quicker, more precise, and better Laser shaft alignment technology.

During installation or maintenance/repair, specialist Laser Shaft Alignment Tools are used to ensure precision alignment of machinery. In terms of accuracy, speed, and job site flexibility, our machinery alignment technologies outperform traditional methods.

Our machine installation alignment tools and techniques help you get your equipment up and running faster while maintaining in-field quality control.

Electric motor bearings and their equipment have been proven to survive longer when correctly aligned. Overall vibration is reduced, and mechanical wear on bearings and seals is reduced. Lowering power consumption decreases energy costs, resulting in cheaper electric utility bills over the machine’s functional life cycle.

Using our technical knowledge, skills, and experience, we can examine your alignment needs. To guarantee optimal performance, we provide comprehensive on-site precise alignment support for new and used machinery installations, as well as existing machinery.

Shaft alignment with lasers decreases component stress, resulting in a more dependable production facility and longer life!

Contact us and provide us with more details. And we will prepare an offer for you.